The most romantic ways to melt his or her heart!

Everyone has the ability to be romantic, just not everybody knows how. Below are some ideas culled from our users that demonstrate just how easy it can be!

For when they are going away:

Get together pictures, song lyrics that gum wrapper that you saved from the first piece of gum he gave you etc. Using magazine letters for words, in your journal makes a collage of words that you have memories of, such as the title of your favorite song, or a word that describes something only you and he would understand. Also include reasons why you love him and why he will be missed, why he’s so special… Put in pictures of his favorite actress even though you may hate her (he he); draw a picture of him with your eyes closed just for giggles; spray some pages with your perfume; tape rose petals on the pages or a four-leaf clover for good luck. This would be a great going away present for any guy or girl.

For when they are coming home:

how to do romance everyday?

Buy rose petals and candles to make a trail from the entrance to the table. On the table, I will have a romantic dinner with candles all over forming a big heart. And, if you want to make him laugh a little, go to the restroom and write I love you, or I missed you on the mirror with shaving cream.

Just to show them you love them:

  1. Call her when she is not expecting a phone call and say to her, “I’ve been thinking about and I just wanted to hear your voice,”
  2. If she has access to email then email her a few words telling her how much you love her or that you miss her and sometimes email her and talk dirty to her.
  3. Send her flowers.
  4. Get her a card and give it to her and say, “Just because you are so special to me”.
  5. I also recommend using the love quotes on!!!! They go perfectly with their romantic ideas etc.

To show them you would do anything for them:

Girls love a guy who can dance & most guys hate dancing or are just really shy. If you were to take some lessons on the sly – Latin dancing is really sexy – and then totally surprise her one night and take her out dancing …Latin, swing or ballroom. I will bet a million dollars you will blow her away. Cheers!

To show them how much they mean to you:

The most romantic thing I ever did was giving my boyfriend a heart shaped box on our anniversary. I wrote a message on it, and in the message, I told him that not only am I giving him my heart but also I would like him to look at it and see how I feel about him. Inside the heart-shaped box, I had cut out a heart for every single day I have known him. On each heart, I wrote something that I love about him…I told him that, for every day I have known him; I have found another reason why I love him. I thought he was going to cry!

Romance in your own special way:

Everyone has a romantic side you just need to figure out what yours is. I had a boyfriend once who could not for the life of him figure out how to express himself. One day out of the blue, he took me to the river laid out a blanket and told me his whole life story – it was so sweet and I really got to know him.

Here are some ideas:

  • If you have a “special” place where you like to go to be alone, bring her there and make her feel like she’s the only one who knows about it.
  • Ask her to go for a ride – take her to a children’s playground and push her on the swings.
  • Go to a baseball (football, soccer) field after dark and stop the car, get out turn on a slow song and spontaneously ask her to dance.

Finally, just be yourself – you’ll think of something – I promise! And when you do, she’ll look past the generality of flowers, etc.  And really fall in love with you! I hope this helps you!