There is much news about the plastic rice in the market. You probably have heard one or saw the viral videos. The plastic rice exactly looks alike organic rice and it’s very hard to distinguish the different just seeing. These are the few steps you can follow to identify if your daily stuff is plastic of original rice.

See, how Plastic rice is made (Video)

How to check if your rice is made of plastic

  1. Put some rice on fire. If it comes to the smell of burning plastic, then that’s plastic rice.
  2. Boil the few tablespoon of oil and put some rice in it. If rice begins to melt, that’s plastic rice.
  3. Fill the glass with clean water, put 1 tablespoon of rice in glass and mix it. If rice starting float in water, then that’s plastic rice.
  4. Put some rice for cooking, if a thick frozen kind of layer found above the rice, that’s ravaged plastic rice.
  5. Cook some rice and store it for few days. If that didn’t smell it in, that’s plastic rice.

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how to check plastic rice

Five easy way to check plastic rice

See this video also (how does plastic rice look after cooking)

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