If i were a tear in ur eye

We never get, what we want.
We never want what we get.
We never have, what we like.
We never like, what we have.

Still we Live,
Still we love,
Still we hope –

so go to bed and get relax – good night

Your Dream

Stars light Stars bright u’re the only Star I see tonite.

I wish I may. I wish I might be there guarding ur dreams tonite,

gd nite sweet dreams.

Good night for your my heart

My day may be hectic.

My schedule may be tight.

But I would never let the day end without saying good night.

Sweet dreams…myLove

G O O D   N I G H T

G-o to bed

O-ff the lights

O-ut of tensions

D-reams come

N-ice sleep

I-gnore worries

G-et up early

H-ave a nice day

T-hank God always.

Wish to be there

wish i would there to hold u tight,instead of saying this loving gud nite.

Sweetest Dream tonight

AS a day turns into night,

Keeping worries out of site…

No matter how tuf d world may seem,

But…. U still deserve the sweetest dream tonight…. Good Night!!!

With out U- a night

My Math teacher told me

1 Hour=60 Mins & 1 Min = 60 secs.

but he/she never told me

1 sec without his/her like you is equal to 100 years.

Miss you, Good Night, have a sweet dream

Sweet dream and miss you

Hide my tears when I say ur name,

But the pain in my heart is still the same.

Although I smile & seem carefree,

there’s no one who miss U more than me.

Good Night & Sweet Dream

Sweet Dream SMS!!

somewhere out there
beneath the pale moon light
someone thinking of u
some where out there
where dreams come true…
goodnite & sweet dreams 2 you