Kisses blown are kisses wasted

Kisses blown are kisses wasted.

kisses are not kisses unless they are tasted.

kisses spread germs and germs are hated.

but you can kiss me baby i am vaccinated

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What kisses mean !
KISS ON CHEEK=lets be friends,

KISS ON NECK=i want u,

KISS ON LIPS=i love u,

KISS ANYWHERE ELSE=…lets not get carried away!

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Kissing you baby is my dream
Kissing you baby is my dream. I am strawberry & you are the cream. Handle me gently keep me real keen.U & i together babes is passion so extreme!

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Let’s have kiss
A kiss is not a kiss unless its with tongues.

so open ur mouth & close ur eyes

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Kiss is not like

Kiss is not like Nokia…Connecting People

Kiss is not like Nike..Just Do It.

Kiss is not like Pepsi..Yeh Dil Maange More

But Kiss is like Pan Parag..Ek Se Mera Kya Hoga

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If kissing’ was aginst the law

If luvin’ was aginst the law,
and kissin’ was a crime,
i would gladly spend my life with u,
in prison doin’ time.

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thinking about u and me

I’ve been thinking about u and me..if we were alone how it would be..I would kiss u all over till ur feeling hot..then give u a sensation when I hit the spot!

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myLove may kiss my lips !!?

The fluffy cloud may kiss the sky,
the rose may kiss the butterfly,
the morning due may kiss the grass
but you myLove may kiss my lips!!??

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What is Kiss

Kiss is an upper preparation for lower invasion,
that will lead to further penetation,
in fast acceleration that will build the next generation.

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